cocoa farming & child labor

SMILE-Sustainable Management of cocoa farm and Improved Life via Education for the elimination of child labour...

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women & dependants in need

Rural & Urban Women In Need(RUWIN)..empowering the poor and vulnerable. to ..benefit children in our society.

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small arms..

Small Arms Reduction & Human Security Project

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Street Children Advocacy Project

...that all children have the right to basic social services such as an integrated package of basic education, good quality accessible and relevant health care delivery, nutrition, safe drinking water and sanitation, and those marginalized because of lack of .....

Humble Life/PODUF on HIV Project mitigate the economic and social impact of HIV/AIDS on families and communities affected by or infected with and reduce their vulnerability to HIV/AIDS by alleviating poverty conditions that generally characterized the victims.

Child Dignity Initiative Program (CDIP)

If we all think of children as life’s greatest blessings and life deepest responsibility, protect their welfare, and “Say Yes for them”, imagine what their world would be. If we determine to focus attention on the.....

Child Migration and Trafficking Project...

The phenomena of Streetism, Child Sexual Abuse, Child Trafficking, Child Labour, Child Prostitution, Children Orphaned have far reaching consequences. Learn how Crada is involved with several communities......

Child Research for Action and Development Agency (CRADA), which has its slogan as “The Rebirth of meaning to Child’s Life” was conceived in August 1999, registered with the Registrar General’s Department as a company limited by guarantee in August 2000 and began its full operation as a child-centred, development-oriented, research-based, non-profit, non-governmental organization formed by individuals in both Ghana and Abroad. CRADA is established to provide a collaborative and coordinated response to build, promote and protect the rights of children as enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.