WAIGA FARM 2021-2022

The SMILE Ghana project supported by the Wo(men) In Additional Income Generating Activity (WAIGA) projects. The SMILE Ghana project supported 21 farmers in the 2021/2022 farming season. Of the 21 farmers, 19 are women and 2 are men.

WIAGA's goal is to provide women with additional income so that women can support their families and keep their children in school.
Farmers received low-interest loans from the CRADA Village Savings Program to purchase inputs such as certified seeds, weed killers and fertilizers. The 21 farmers were part of the Farmer Business School, which trains farmers to use innovative farming methods and technologies and best agricultural practices to improve and increase yields and reduce losses. At the end of the farming season, they tilled a total of 45 acres and harvested 143 sacks of rice, which they sold during market days.