Strengthening Community Capacity to Tackle Child Labour A Step towards a Child Labour Free Society

The meetings aimed to equip the CCPC members with the necessary skills and knowledge to identify and tackle child labour in their respective communities and neighbouring sub-communities.

Smile Ghana Project Organizes Child Labour Sensitisation Workshop for School Children

The Smile Ghana Project (SGP) recently organized a child labour sensitization workshop for school children to educate them on the meaning and effects of child labour. The workshop was aimed at providing the children with the knowledge to identify and report incidents of child labour and child trafficking.

WAIGA FARM 2021-2022

The SMILE Ghana project supported by the Wo(men) In Additional Income Generating Activity (WAIGA) projects. The SMILE Ghana project supported 21 farmers in the 2021/2022 farming season.

Children provided with Lunch under the project Community School Feeding Program

The partner communities and the SMILE Ghana project initiated a community school feeding program in the school communities. The goal of the Community School Meal Program is to provide students with a balanced meal during their lunch break.