SMILE Ghana Project


Data Collection Survey on Child Labour and Support for Child Labour Free Zone Pilot Activities with a Focus on the Cocoa Region

The Survey aims to facilitate efforts by the Ghanaian government and concerned stakeholders by developing practical implementation tools and establishing an effective implementation system through the pilot activities regarding the CLFZ guidelines in order to achieve the NPA2 goal on eliminating child labour in Ghana. The other purpose of the Survey is to identify prospects for future assistance and collaboration among the Government of Ghana, JICA, platforms, other donors, NGOs, and others to eliminate child labour in Ghana, which contributes to better coordination among various stakeholders to achieve SDG Target 8.7 through establishing a collective impact model in the cocoa sector. Such model is to be one of the good practices to emulate for achieving SDG Target 8.7.

Principle 1: Enhancing and field-testing relevant practical tools and methods to improve the CLFZ Guidelines for operational use through the implementation of CLFZ pilot activities
National Experience Sharing Meeting

In March 2020, MELR, with other stakeholders, successfully developed and launched the Child Labour Free Zones (CLFZs) Guidelines, which provide the basic framework for stakeholders including Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in establishing effective and sustainable CLFZs in Ghana. For fully operationalizing the Guidelines, the JICA Team provided support for the development and field-testing of complementary tools and methods through the CLFZ pilot activities, which help practical application of the Guidelines.

Principle 2: Providing technical and logistical support for the implementation of CLFZ pilot activities to generate lessons and identify important considerations for applying the CLFZ Guidelines to a broader range of stakeholders.

Principle 3: Enhancing ownership and capacity building of relevant stakeholders through the implementation of the CLFZ pilot activities.

Principle 4: Exploring options for enhanced partnerships and resource mobilization for a sustainable CLFZ model towards the achievement of SDGs 8.7

JICA Team will explore and recommend options of enhanced partnerships and collaboration with international actors as well as the mobilization of additional external financial resources for wider roll-out of CLFZs in close consultation with MELR, Sub-Committee of NSCCL, and other relevant stakeholders.


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    GoG/GoJ, JICA-MELRs CLFZ Project
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    Atwima Mponua District & Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai Municipal
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